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Justice and Peace!

The slogan, “No Justice, No Peace,” continues to be heard around the world, as individuals and organizations protest racial injustices; however, as believers in Christ Jesus, we have an inner peace because we have aligned ourselves with the Prince of Peace.

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Politics and Christianity

The Election Results

Out of all the topics in the world for me to discuss this week, our Father placed it on my heart to discuss the election results. Yikes! Talk about a touchy subject. According to the 2020 US election results, updated on December 16th at 4:49PM CST, Joe Biden received 51.4% of the vote and President […]

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Racism and Forgiveness

Forgiveness Matters- Part 2 Saul is Waiting

As Stephen was being stoned to death, he prayed, “Do not hold this sin against them.” In the meantime, a man named Saul stood nearby and watched as they stoned Stephen to death. (The definition of stoning is a method of capital punishment where a group throws stones at a person until the subject dies […]

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Love, Racism and Forgiveness, Society and Christianity

My First Blog

When God whispered in my spirit to write and publish my blogs every Tuesday at 5:00P.M., He also whispered in my spirit to disable comments. Of course, I didn’t understand why he would ask me to do something like that because I recently read an article that said, “Comments add value to blogs because it […]

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