A Soul Searching Announcement

We will celebrate our fourth anniversary as a Soul Searching with Our Father family on October 27, 2024. Over the years, I’ve posted and prayed for every person in our Soul Searching family. Sometimes I was led to pray for an entire state. Interesting fact: The first state I was led to pray for was Oregon! I do not know anyone personally from Oregon, but we have faithful brothers and sisters on this journey with us who live there. If you’re one of them, I just wanted to say hello! With that being said, I’ve often wanted to reach out to other Soul Searching brothers and sisters and ask them about their soul searching journey; however, that was not apart of the original plan. Remember: No comments! (See picture below).

Well, after much prayer and consideration about our Soul Searching community, I believe the Holy Spirit is leading me down a path that will ultimately open our lines of communication. Don’t worry! I will continue to post freely without comments on our website; however, I will post exclusive content about race, politics, and religious issues on Patreon for paid member subscribers. My heart’s desire is to create a safe and loving environment for us to discuss specific issues that move us to do a little more soul searching. We will encourage one another and bear each other’s burdens. We will go to the Father and share the insight we receive with one another. Our launch date will be Sunday, October 27, 2024. More information is coming soon!!!