Forgiveness Matters- Part 3 Commentary: “Encourage Yourself”

Last week, as we wrapped up the Forgiveness Matters series, we discussed Saul and Barnabas. In summary, when Saul went to Jerusalem to escape the ones trying to kill him, he tried to connect with the other disciplines but they were ultimately afraid of him. After all, he was known for imprisoning Christians and ultimately sentencing them to death. Well, when Barnabas saw what was happening, he stepped forward, took Saul to the apostles, and spoke on his behalf. Then Saul could move freely, speaking in the name of Jesus. To realize that there’s freedom in unity was a powerful revelation for me, but what happens if there isn’t a Barnabas in the bunch? What happens if the people I know can’t get over who I used to be long enough to acknowledge who I am becoming? What if they can’t encourage me because they can’t bring themselves to support me? Do I stop? Do I go back to God, and say I can’t tell people to love thy neighbors as thyself because they remember when I didn’t love people like I should? Well, as I pondered this question, the Holy Spirit spoke to me in the car and said, “Encourage yourself in the Lord.” David was at his lowest point in 1 Samuel 30. He returned with his men to find their city on fire and their wives had been captured. 1 Samuel 30: 6 NIV states, “David was greatly distressed; for the people [spoke] of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters: but David encouraged himself in the┬áLord┬áhis God.” We can conclude that there wasn’t a Barnabas in the bunch, but he connected with the One who called him when he was tending to sheep and wrestling with lions and bears as a child. He connected to the One who will never leave him or forsake him, and we have to do the same!

In closing, if we can’t find a Barnabas in the bunch as we go on this journey together, rest assure that we will always have God and his precious son, Jesus Christ!

#Soul Searching with Our Father#

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