A Stranger in the House: Part 2

Part 2. The Front Row

When I entered the church, no one was there to greet me, but I saw the doughnuts and coffee on the table. Feeling like a thief, I snuck over to the table and shoved a doughnut hole in my mouth before anyone could stop me. Then, I ate another one and then another one. After that, I shoved three in each pocket. It was almost too easy. I was halfway through my cup of coffee when a group of gentlemen approached me.
“Sir, may we help you?”
            For a moment, I froze. I froze because I’d placed extra doughnuts in my pocket, so I was afraid that I would be kicked out or worse. The men in blue would be called to take me a way, so I wiped the powder off my lips and turned toward them. Barely making eye contact, hoping they didn’t notice… well, me in all my glory.
    “I was just enjoying this hot cup of coffee and eating one of these delicious doughnuts here.” I said, trying to sound like I somehow belonged there.
   “Well, is this your first time at the Lighthouse?”
         What kind of question was that. Of course, it was my first time. I didn’t want any problems. I just wanted to get as close to Jesus as possible, so I can kick this habit and get off the street once and for all. I’m sick and I need to get well. These thoughts were swirling around in my mind.
            “Sir, our service doesn’t start for another hour. We’re heading to our men’s Sunday school class—”
            “I remember that class. We used to talk about Adam and Eve, Jonah and the Whale, and that man who parted the red sea—”
            One man smirked and said, “Moses. His name is Moses.”
            “Yeah, that’s him. We used to talk about Moses parting the red sea.”
Undoubtedly, one of them caught a whiff of me because he suddenly looked like he wanted to throw up. “Well, I think you should stay here and finish your coffee while we head to Sunday school. When you finish, you should head into the sanctuary and find a nice comfy seat in the back. Service will be ready to start before you know it.” He said, hurrying past me, as the other men followed him closely.
I finished my coffee and hurried into the sanctuary. Only I didn’t want to sit in the back. I wanted to be as close to God as possible, so I sat in the front row. Maybe if he saw me sitting in the one row I avoided my entire childhood, maybe he would help me kick this habit and get back on my feet once and for all. Hey! I was desperate. I would have done anything to get His attention.

#to be continued#

#soul searching short story#