Author’s Message: Nicole C Schroeder

Exciting News!!!

After a two-year gestation period, I am humbled to announce the completion of my latest novel The Gift is His, The Beginning. In addition, I have updated the original novel The Gift is His. This is a multicultural, multigenerational book series that I am truly enjoying as a writer and a reader. Each character feels like an extension of my family, and I can’t wait for you to get to know them better. The release date is Friday, July 26, 2024!!!

The Gift is His: The Beginning

“The Gift is His: The Beginning” is a prequel to
the original book “The Gift is His,” depicting
narratives from the viewpoints of Charlie and his
family members. As the narrative unfolds, Charlie
Daniels-Ross learns a valuable lesson from his family: nothing is ever as it seems. Instead of being a family built on love, his grandparents, Paulene and John Daniels built their family’s legacy on a foundation of lies and deceit

Now, history is repeating itself. Charlie has a secret, and he soon realizes that he’s more like his family than he originally thought. When it was time to tell the truth, he couldn’t bear to do it. Now, there’s a crack in the foundation, and there’s only one way to repair it. They must go back to the beginning and remember when they first picked up their cross!

“A Novella Reveal”

At the end of my latest novel, The Gift is His: The Beginning, we included the first chapter of my novella, If These Walls Could Pray. (In summary, a novella is shorter than a novel). While we wait for the third novel in this series to be released in 2025, readers will have an opportunity to learn more about Charlie’s grandparents, Paulene and John Daniels. Their love was unconventional , but it was real. From their union, they raised four children: Marcus, Charles, Penny, and Adam. I can’t wait for you to learn more about them too. Oh, didn’t I mention that? I’m writing their stories too!!!