Nicole C. Schroeder

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A Legacy of Love and Sacrifice: The Original-stage play

For educators like Billy Pride, Black History Month represents past hurts and wounds that never quite healed. The infections have spread to their hearts, minds, and souls. For example, a principal uses a racial slur to describe a student in a private conversation, and his secretary records the conversation. A history teacher who believes that it is best to “stick with your own kind” works in a predominantly black school to be eligible for a student loan forgiveness plan. In other words, he is biding his time and denying students the opportunity to learn about their history in the meantime without any regrets.

For Sarah Christian-Love, being a teacher is more than a professional career choice.  It is an act of obedience. It is an answer to a call upon her life to teach her students about racial unity; therefore, she considers it a great privilege and a blessing to direct a school wide stage play written to honor black and white abolitionists and civil rights activists during Black History Month. Unfortunately, her colleagues’ opinions about Black History Education leave her heartbroken and she wonders if she will ever be able to make a difference.