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The Gift is His is the first of a four-book series about teenagers at Mountaintop Christian Academy who discover their spiritual gifts during the most awkward time in their lives. While popularity and fitting in seem to be at the top of their list, they soon realize that there’s more to life than popularity.

Their number one teacher, Holy Spirit, gave every believer at Mountaintop Christian Academy a spiritual gift, and it will be their greatest challenge yet because the gift isn’t theirs. Their gifts belong to God, and he wants them to use the gift to help their friends… and enemies.

What will happen when their will clashes with God’s will? What will happen when God’s will clashes with their parent’s will, teacher’s will, or friend’s will? Will they turn their back on their gifts? Will they surrender to His will? I don’t know, but it could be a long four years… for their parents. I’m just saying!