A Soul Searching Cartoon Message

“King of the Broken Toys”

#Soul Searching with Our Father#

One Saturday morning, the girls came into our bedroom to watch cartoons. Our youngest daughter wanted to watch “Doc McStuffins: Toy Hospital.” To be honest, it’s a family favorite. This two-part episode was titled, “Welcome to McStuffinsville.” It was originally released in 2016; however, there is a message for us today!!! Let’s get started!

Abandonment Issues

Left on the conveyor belt at the airport, Stanley, the stuffed lion with rabbit legs and ears, feels rejected and abandoned by his “kid,” the little boy who brought him on their family trip. To cope with his abandonment issues, he gravitated toward other abandoned and broken toys. In fact, he referred to himself as “The King of the Broken Toys.” As he was singing about his feelings of rejection, he said, “I’m the King of the Broken Toys. The best I’ll ever hope to be.” As I meditated about that, I realized that there are many people in this world who feel abandoned and rejected. People are literally creating platforms and their foundation is based on brokenness. To cope, they surround themselves with broken people. Their brokenness is the link that connects them, and it creates a chain that keeps them in bondage.

Distorted Perspective

Brokenness distorts our perspective! The little boy loved Stanley a lot. He carried him around so much that he became tattered. Instead of throwing him away, the little boy’s mom used rabbit parts to fix him, which were the only parts she had at the time. (I feel like there’s another message there, but I have to stay focused). Stanley understood why they used rabbit parts when he lived with the little boy; however, when they accidentally left him at the airport, he began to believe they left him because he was broken. He said, “After I was broken, he left me in an airport.” He didn’t even consider the fact that the little boy could be missing him.

A Glimpse of Hope

One day, Stanley’s friend, Tiggley, saw Doc McStuffins at the hospital. She said, “The kid is dressed like a doctor. Maybe she can help us.” Based on his previous experience, Stanley did not trust children; therefore, he was closed to the idea of receiving help from another child. He said, “Being lonely feels better than having a broken heart.” Now, let’s think about this for a moment. Let’s replace kid with the word church. How many people pass by churches on Sunday morning and recall church hurt? How many people would rather remain broken in the world than to be hurt again by someone in the church?


Tiggley reached a point in her life when she no longer wanted to be alone, so Stanley devised a plan to bring more broken toys to live with them. Based on his experience, children abandon broken toys. Therefore, to accomplish his goal, he would have to injure healthy toys! While Stanley used marbles to cause the other toys to fall and break various parts of their bodies, people use various schemes to harm others. Of course, we shouldn’t we surprised. 1 Peter 5:8 ESV states, “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” Why wouldn’t he use someone’s feeling of abandonment and rejection to get them to do his bidding here on the earth?

For example, sometimes broken people will go on a Christian social media platform and bash the man or woman of God, only to cast doubt in the minds of others and gain followers for themselves. Sometimes broken people will come to church and cause division in the congregation. Sometimes broken people will lash out at the word of God, instead of waiting to see how it applies to their lives and situation. Sometimes broken people can’t see Jesus, the one who died for their sins, because the enemy keeps their attention on the other sinners Jesus died for as well. Remember: we’re all sinners saved by grace, so we need to keep our eyes on the ONE who extends grace to us. Think about it. Then, go to the Father and pray about it.

#Soul Searching with Our Father#

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King of the Broken Toys Part 2

I thought I was finished with this post, but I received a new download about our identity, misunderstandings, and so much more!!!! You should watch the two part episode, and see what the Lord says to you. God is always speaking. We just have to position ourselves to listen.