A Soul Searching Cartoon Message- Part 3

“King of the Broken Toys”

#Soul Searching with Our Father#

A Misunderstanding!?!?!

Spoiler Alert!!!!

Left on the conveyor belt at the airport, Stanley, the stuffed lion with rabbit legs and ears, feels rejected and abandoned by his “kid,” the little boy who brought him on their family trip originally. To cope with his abandonment issues, he gravitated toward other abandoned and broken toys. He even broke healthy toys, so their kids would abandon them too! Several toys were broken, by the way; however, Doc McStuffins came to the rescue. Was there any doubt about it? LOL!!!


When she discovered what Stanley did, she did not withhold love from him. She offered to help him. Weighed down by rejection, guilt, and shame, Stanley did not believe he could be fixed, but she would not give up on him. I dare to say that we must be like Doc McStuffins during situations like this. We cannot focus on the havoc someone has caused when we can be a part of their healing process. After surgery, she inquired about his family and she discovered it was all just a misunderstanding. Yep! You heard me. His kid didn’t abandon him. His family accidentally left him at the airport, and “his kid” was actively searching for him that whole time. By the end of the episode, he was back home and Doc McStuffins took his friend Tiggley home with her. Alls well that ends well. Right? Not exactly!

Imagine how many lives have been destroyed based on a misunderstanding! Imagine how many platforms have been birthed out of anger, fear, and rejection. Imagine how many people are following broken people, who are waiting for someone to be a part of their healing process. Who knows? God could put us in one of their paths. Think about it. Then, go to the Father and pray about it.

#Soul Searching with Our Father#