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Enemies and Prayer

Dear Hackers,

. . . Or should I refer to you as my present or future brothers and sisters in Christ? Yes, I like that better. Now that we’ve gotten that out the way, how are you? I hope you are doing well. This conversation is long overdue, so let’s get started. Approximately 200-250 people come to […]

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Tuesday Prayer- 12/15/2020

Father God, I come to you in the name that is above every name and I acknowledge once again that Jesus Christ is Lord. His unconditional love goes beyond my level of understanding but I will forever be grateful because he gave his very life for me. And the fact that you -the one who […]

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Forgiveness Matters: Saul is Waiting- Part 2 Commentary

When someone hates you because of the race God chose for you in this life, it is easy to write them off and label them a racist. Well, it was for me anyway.  Then, I had an encounter with Jesus and it changed my life because I gained a deeper understanding about love and forgiveness. […]

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Racism and Forgiveness

Forgiveness Matters- Part 1

By: Nicole C Schroeder I recently read an article about a district that apologized to the African American students in their community for years of racial discrimination, but a prominent leader in that community questioned the sincerity of the apology.  As I reflected on the article, God downloaded this thought into my spirit: Our response […]

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