I Have a Question

I Have a Question

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Have you read John 16:33 ESV? It states, “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” Please go back and read the entire chapter in your spare time; however, I just want to speak briefly about this one verse. Now Jesus told us that we would experience tribulations in this world. According to an online dictionary, the word tribulation means “a cause of great trouble or suffering.” Racism divides us. Racism prevents us from loving one another. Therefore, racism causes a great deal of trouble and causes many to suffer in this world. Yet, as believers, we act surprised when these acts of hatred occur. (I am talking about myself right now.) We act like the world is going to come to an end; however, Jesus told us that there would be trouble in the world and he told us “to take heart because he’d overcome the world.” So! What does that mean? It means no weapon formed against us shall prosper. It means even when it looks like the enemy is winning, Jesus already has the first place trophy. It means our hope is NOT wrapped up in presidential elections or verdicts in a court case. (I just stepped on my own toes. Ouch!) Our Father is the first and the last. He is the beginning and the end. In him, we can find peace. In him, we can find justice. In him, we can love when the world choose to hate. Just think about it. Then, go to the Father and pray about it.

#Soul Searching with Our Father#

#I love you#

Your Sister in Christ,

Nicole C. Schroeder