Happy Mother’s Day

Growing up, I heard this phrase, “Give people their flowers while they’re living.” My mother, Betty J. Pinchon, has a green thumb! She loves flowers, so my husband and I enjoyed picking out the perfect flowers for her. Then, our three girls arranged them on the flower stand just before we surprised her. To be honest, that’s the least we could do. The love she shows our family on a daily basis is priceless! We are blessed to have the best mom, mother-in-law, and granny that God could have chosen for us! Losing my dad, Thomas Earl Crutcher and mother-in-“love” Sherry Schroeder, early in our relationship and marriage reminds us that every day, holiday, and moment with loved ones is a blessing.

To be honest, “giving someone their flowers” isn’t really about flowers at all. It’s about showing someone how much you love and appreciate them. Sometimes it’s flowers. Sometimes it’s a handmade greeting card or sign like the one our daughter made for their granny. Sometimes it’s just a hug like the one our youngest daughter gave her granny earlier. Whatever it is, just do it with love. Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!